Monday, April 25, 2011

We're not going to Texas

Just got the news from ACTHA that we were not selected to go to the finals in Texas May 8-12.  Patrick is OK with that, he thinks it's time to hit the longer trails and get in shape for the Endurance season. While I'm a little disappointed, I wasn't really looking forward to the long drive. Thanks for all your support and maybe we will try again next year !


  1. aww shucks... Now who will I root for? In my world you get major points for getting out there -- and you have the finale of your trail freestyle routine worked out for whatever the next opportunity is.


  2. That's too bad! America doesn't know what it is missing...
    Good luck with your endurance rides this season!

  3. Sorry to hear the news... but hats off for participating, and it sounds like you have a busy endurance season ahead of you! Also, a 1,000 mile trip would have been quite an undertaking!!
    Will you be posting your training and competition news on this blog? It would be great for people to be able to follow along with what you and Patrick are up to...
    Good luck with your upcoming rides!

  4. I do plan to use this blog for posting my training and competition news since it is so easy to post here! On May 17th, we will be the demo rider for Louis Wood when he does a communication and partnership clinic in Golden, CO. More details to follow.